• What is Intravenous therapy?

    Intravenous (IV) therapy is a way of administering fluids directly into a vein. This means that fluids, medication, and other nutrients can be utilized by your body faster and more efficiently because it goes directly to your circulatory system rather than having to be processed and absorbed through your digestive tract. It can be used for hydration, nutrition delivery, pain relief, and more.

  • Highest level of care

    Enjoy the perks of having a Practitioner assess, prescribe and administer safe and convenient infusions, all during your appointment. As a practitioner, we also have the option to monitor your results with lab work for a comprehensive look at your overall health and wellbeing.

  • At the convenience of your own home or in our office

    For health or beauty. Enjoy the benefits of IV infusions along with the flexibility and discretion of optional mobile therapy.

    You can have our Practitioner come to your home, so you can share your wellness with the world.


    Envy IV is owned and operated by Jayne and Will; a Family Nurse Practitioner and her husband, a Dallas Firefighter-Paramedic.

    While on duty as a firefighter, Will suffered a life threatening injury due to a gunshot wound in May 2017. After an extensive hospital stay and an arduous recovery, Will is back to working for the Dallas Fire Department. However, throughout the whole rehabilitation process, we have seen how such a traumatic event can lead to complications and difficulties in trying to regain what was lost.

    Loss of energy, fatigue, listlessness, brain fog and difficulty concentrating. This was where Jayne realized first hand the benefits of IV therapy. Intravenous injections of vitamins and nutrients delivered straight into your system without having to go through digestion and potentially losing some potency.

    Jayne has always wanted to help her community, that is why she decided to become a Registered Nurse and then, a Nurse Practitioner. As an RN, she worked at Parkland Hospital, Dallas County’s only public hospital serving the entire greater Dallas area. As a NP, she helps serve the elderly community with home visits for primary care. While she helps care for those in need, she soon realized that there is a greater scope to public health and what she can do for her community.


    We want to help people benefit the way we have benefitted. By working through our struggles with rehabilitation and overall wellbeing, we have seen first hand the benefits of Intravenous Therapy in whole body holistic health. We want to see an improvement in our community. To have healthy confident citizens. To do our best to help our community be physically strong, mentally awake, and emotionally secure.


    Fight back after injury, help speed recovery, delay the effects of aging, or just improve your current health and wellness to realize your own potential to the fullest. Come meet with an actual Practitioner who will assess you, then prescribe and administer your very own health and wellness plan. Whether you are struggling or thriving, we believe that there is always room to improve your physical, mental, emotional, and social health. Whether for health or beauty, come see what Envy IV can do for your mind, body and soul