• Nutrients

    • DRIPS
    • Hydration | Electrolytes

      Studies have shown the majority of Americans to be chronically dehydrated. What can proper hydration do for you? Better mental focus and concentration, clearer skin, increased energy levels and elevated mood among other benefits. Staying well hydrated may be one of the most beneficial things you can do for your own health and wellbeing.

    • Myer's Cocktail

      Clinically proven, backed by research, and used by practitioners across the globe; this combination of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants is useful for:

      • Acute and chronic fatigue
      • General immune support (allergies, asthma, colds, and flu)
      • Autoimmune conditions (such as fibromyalgia, and migraines)
      • Support metabolic function and improve liver detoxification

    • Immunity | Recovery: COVID-19, Cold and Flu

      Recovery from COVID-19 can take weeks or even months and people often face debilitating short and long-term symptoms. Whether recovering from COVID-19 or fighting the cold or flu, hydration is a first essential step to feeling better. IV therapy can deliver therapeutic fluids with antioxidants, electrolytes, and nutrients directly into your bloodstream for quick absorption and utilization by your body.

    • Glow and Grow: Hair, Skin and Nails

      Beauty IV drips for hair, skin and nails are a discerning option to enhance your own natural beauty, without the use of expensive creams, cosmetics, and other products. It’s pure, it’s genuine, it’s all you. Our IVs can help your skin glow, let your hair shine, and keep your nails strong. We have multiple cocktails to help reduce blemishes, repair damaged skin, promote collagen production, and more.

    • Sunburn | Whitening

      The Sun is a great source of Vitamin D, but too much of a good thing can be harmful as well. Damaged skin from UV rays is just one superficial consequence of too much Sun. Free radicals from sunburn can create further damage to cell membranes, proteins, and DNA.

    • Migraine | Headache

      Relieve the pain and get back into focus. Migraines can often be debilitating and the last thing you want is to delay relief. With our Nurse Practitioner to assess, prescribe and administer treatment all in one quick visit, you can be quickly on your way to reducing pain, and increasing focus and comfort.

    • Sinusitis | Allergies | Itching

      Many suffer from seasonal allergies. Others may suffer year round. Allergy sufferers aren't just susceptible when outdoors; other allergens like mold and pet dander can affect you indoors as well. IV therapy to boost your immunity, flush out allergens, and reduce the histamine response for relief and comfort even when over-the-counter medication fails.

    • Food Poisoning | Upset Stomach

      Stomach pains, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and fever are all common symptoms of food poisoning. Waiting for food poisoning to run its course can be a long and painful ordeal. Proper hydration and a mix of vitamins and medicines to help alleviate the symptoms to get you back on your feet.

    • Hangover | Nausea | Vomitting

      Headache, nausea, and vomiting are typical symptoms of hangovers and morning sickness. Whatever the cause, the best treatment for fast relief is with IV hydration. Fluid, electrolytes and a blend of vitamins, minerals, and anti-inflammatories help to replenish lost fluids, prevent sickness and restore you to your normal self.

    • Energy & Focus | Jet Lag

      Feeling sluggish? Mind cloudy? Need a boost? Don’t rely on caffeine or sugar for a quick me up and a hard crash. Let us set you up with an infusion full of nutrients such as B-12, Vitamin C, and Taurine for a real dose of energy and clarity. Give your body and mind the support it needs to tackle the day.

    • Weight Loss

      Sometimes dieting and exercise are just not enough. IV therapy for weight loss can help boost metabolism to burn fat and calories. Our combination of vitamins, minerals and lipotropic amino acids can give you just the edge you need to shed that excess weight. Combined with a healthy diet and routine exercise, you can say “goodbye” to stubborn body fat.

    • NAD+

      Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD) is a coenzyme that naturally occurs in our bodies. NAD+ is an oxidized form of that coenzyme. Present in practically every single cell in our body, it plays a critical role in most of our body’s major processes. Processes like cell repair/regeneration (including bone, tissue, and nerve repair), regulating the aging process, metabolism, and brain function.

      NAD+ decreases in our body as we age. Added stress, poor diet, alcohol consumption, and other factors can cause further decline. Many diseases such as Alzheimers, diabetes and heart disease have been linked to low NAD+ levels. Further complications include premature aging, bowel problems, weakness, and difficulty concentrating.

      NAD+ supplementation can replenish your body’s levels of this vital coenzyme. Benefits include mental clarity, increased metabolism, more stamina, slowing the aging process, cell regeneration, and more.

    • SHOTS
    • Vitamin B12

      B-12 injections are useful for boosting energy, metabolism and increasing mood and memory. Although it can be found naturally in food sources like fish and dairy, vegetarians may be susceptible to low B-12. Likewise, if you are often tired, under stress, constipated, or have difficulty with memory issues, B-12 may well be the shot you need.

    • Vitamin D3

      Vitamin Sun (D3) is absorbed naturally by our bodies from the sun. If you are often stuck inside an office or don’t go outside enough, you may benefit from a D3 shot. Injections of Vitamin D3 can help with improved immune and cognitive function. It is also essential to skin and bone health.

    • Coenzyme Q-10

      Turn back the wheels of time. Coenzyme Q-10 has been shown to have anti-aging effects on blood vessels. It has been studied for its athletic enhancement, cardiac restoration, and other properties. As Coenzyme Q-10 naturally declines with age, this injection is one that everyone should consider.

    • Biotin

      Essential for healthy hair, nails, and tissues. Only found in small amounts in certain foods, supplementation with BIOTIN injections can promote more voluminous hair, stronger nails, and better skin appearance and smoothness.

    • Taurine

      An essential amino acid, Taurine plays a role in cardiac and muscle function. Those who are deficient may experience improvement in their cardiovascular performance, metabolism, diabetic complications, anxiety, liver function, and anti-inflammatory activity while on supplementation.

    • Lysine

      One of the essential amino acids that cannot be made by the human body, this is one of the key building blocks of muscle tissue. It may also promote wound healing and growth hormone production.

    • Glycine

      Another amino acid with a multitude of possible benefits. These include but are not limited to joint repair, increased strength and endurance, energy release, and digestion.

    • TRI-Immune: Vitamin C, Glutathione, and Zinc

      Vitamin C, Glutathione, and zine helps your immune system work at optimal levels.

    • TRI-Amino: Arginine HCL/Citrulline/Ornithine HCL

      A combination of Arginine HCL, Citrulline, and Ornithine HCL useful in maintaining cardiovascular health, erectile function, blood flow, and general health and longevity.

    • LIPOSTAT: Methionine/Inositol/Choline Chloride/Pyridoxine/B12

      A quick and easy weight loss injection which promotes the breakdown of fat while also lowering cholesterol. This stack also includes Inositol which has been shown to spur weight loss by increasing insulin sensitivity leading to weight loss and increased fertility in patients with PCOS. The addition of B-12 also lets you benefit from its antioxidant properties.

  • Medical Weight Loss Management

    GLP-1 agonist, first used to control blood glucose levels in diabetic patients, is now an FDA approved weight management drug.

    Promotes insulin production, helping to burn glucose in the body rather than storing it as fat.

    Slows down the act of emptying the stomach and intestines. This helps reduce hunger sensation while increasing satiety, both helping you to eat less and lose weight.

    Once a week injection that is clinically proven, effective, and safe under our provider's close monitoring.

    Free Consultation -> Order Blood Test -> blood test result review ->Prescription ->weekly injection and monitoring

  • Injectables

    Botulinum A Toxin (Botox), Dysport, Jeuveau and/or Xeomin injections have been FDA approved for use in the cosmetic treatment for glabellar frown lines – the wrinkles between the eyebrows.

    Injection of Botulinum A Toxin (Botox), Dysport, Jeuveau and/or Xeomin into the small muscles between the brows causes those specific muscles to halt their function (be paralyzed), thereby improving the appearance of the wrinkles.

  • Affordable Primary Care

    Affordable Primary Care Visits including sick visits, blood work, and for chronic conditions. We want to work with individuals who do not carry medical insurance by offering affordable provider visits and diagnostic tests. Same day appointments available.